Czech politics thrown into turmoil following the statement that the President cannot fulfill his duties. Or about diseases that can deprive someone from performing the duties. Or a little bit of psychology


The speaker of the Czech Senate Milos Vystrcil, referring to the statement of the attending physician of the President of the country Milos Zeman, said that the politician cannot fulfill his duties due to health reasons. The České Noviny edition writes about this. After this Czech politics have been thrown into turmoil.


We know several cases of resignations of top officials of states due to health reasons.


But today we would like to talk about something completely different. We would like to recall psychology, and talk about one interesting phenomenon - about psychopathy.


Etymologically, the word psychopathy means mental illness (psychopathia; Greek psyche soul + pathos suffering, illness).


Psychologists and therapists have identified a number of behavioral signs that can identify a psychopath. Here are some of them:

  • complete lack of empathy;
  • tendency to manipulate;
  • impulsiveness coupled with irresponsibility;
  • egomania;
  • lies with or without any reason;
  • external charm;
  • lack of remorse;
  • thirst for thrills;
  • aggression;
  • craving for power;
  • ignoring general norms of behavior, lack of long-term friendships, lack of feelings of gratitude;
  • high rancor;
  • frequent change in thinking stereotypes;
  • constant lie;
  • own moral laws, far from legal norms;
  • instant onset of states of rage;
  • accusing the opponent of lies and shortcomings, at the slightest conflicts;
  • frequent change of character masks, convincing play on the feelings of other people;
  • lack of long-term love relationships;
  • sexual perversion;
  • groundless jealousy;
  • lack of a reflex of danger;
  • possession of attractiveness and charm, the presence of high intellectual inclinations...


A consultant psychologist from Moscow, Rimma Aisina, in her article "At the mercy of the Predator: a psychopathic personality in the mirror of everyday life" points out the main diagnostic sign of psychopaths - the complete absence of any remorse about what they did.


Empathy? Compassion? Decency? Responsibility for the obligations, for promises and decisions? .. Are you serious? .. All this is just rubbish lying under your feet and is not worth a broken penny!


She also warns that, unfortunately, a huge proportion of psychopaths confidently wear the mask of a law-abiding person. Possessing another characteristic feature - the ability to lie, “without blushing”, they masterfully create the image of a person “with ideals and values”, interested in the well-being of others, appreciating his “team” and capable of making “tough” decisions, but solely for the sake of “common good”. To recognize a psychopath, Rimma Aisina suggests paying attention to the following distinguishing features:


1. Thirst for power

It is precisely "thirst", which is the case when the possession of power is experienced at the level of a vital need, failure to address this need is mortally dangerous, or in a milder version, makes life tasteless, insipid, empty ... Realization that other people depend on him / her, that they can be disposed of, that they can be used, that they will obey, even if they don’t like something, brings the psychopath not only satisfaction, but sensations close to pleasure. A genuine thirst for power will always manifest itself in attempts to emphasize their superiority and humiliate (not necessarily directly, more often indirectly) those who are subordinate or dependent.


2. Thirst for profit

Like the previous mark, the thirst for profit is not limited to the desire to acquire a high financial status - "get rich", "make good money", "conclude a lucrative contract", etc. (all these are universal desires inherent in human nature). If we are talking about a psychopathic personality, here in the first place comes the need to "outthink", "outsmart", "leave in the cold", "take advantage of situations", i.e. to acquire at the expense of someone else's mistake, or someone else's misfortune.

It is important for a psychopath not only to acquire, it is important for him to expand, to appropriate means and opportunities that previously belonged to another, otherwise he does not experience a real "taste of victory". People with a psychopathic character structure easily take on dubious deals and projects if they "smell" big money. They cannot be stopped by the lack of their own competence and resources, the abundance of competitors and the fear of failure. They are not afraid !!


3.The ease of lying

For a psychopath who knows how to convince that "white is black" and vice versa, lying is the norm of life and the norm of relations. At the same time, he remembers very well whom, where and under what circumstances exactly which lie he told. A true psychopath is always a Master of the Game. He likes to represent others as pawns on the chessboard, and himself as an unsurpassed grandmaster, because he is absolutely convinced that the outcome of the game is a foregone conclusion and, of course, it is he who will win, because all the moves are known to him in advance.


Referring to her American colleagues, Rimma Aisina writes that a special kind of aggressiveness is inherent in the psychopathic personality - "predatory aggressiveness", the essence of which is a "cold-blooded" planned, well-calculated hunt for a victim.


The weak point, the "Achilles heel" of the psychopath is the infinity of experiencing his own grandeur. The belief that there are so many forces, means, power and influence that you can go ahead and bend your line everywhere often leads to complete collapse. The psychopath loses his boundaries,loses caution and common sense. The exposed psychopath loses much of his dangerous influence on others. But the threat nevertheless remains. It should not be overlooked that paranoid traits and attitudes are always present in the structure of a psychopathic character. Therefore, the defeated psychopath will take revenge. And he is quite capable of showing good self-control to follow the principle: "Revenge is a dish that is served cold." So you shouldn't relax.

We wonder if psychopathy can prevent someone from fulfilling the duties? ..



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