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To this day all professional groups are under continuous pressure from the regime: administrative and criminal cases are brought against workers, trade Union leaders and its members for exercising their basic rights, demanding respect for those and compliance with the law. Dismissals, prison terms, physical and psychological violence and torture - all this has become the norm in Belarus.

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We Unite

We pursue the goals of uniting workers and employees, public organizations and strike committees, doctors and teachers, business and individual entrepreneurs into a single force that promotes democratic principles and opposes the dictatorial regime that wipes its feet on human rights!

Belarus in numbers

Terrorism in the 21st century

Article 23-34
Political prisoners
Journalists held hostage
Criminal cases against protesters
liquidated NGOs
Deaths during the protests

Are you under pressure at work because of expressing your views and exercising your right to freedom of speech?
Tell us Your story and we will work together to find a solution to help you as effectively as possible.

We Initiating international pressure

We inform

We inform the world community about the blatant and unacceptable violation of the rights of workers and employees in Belarus.


Preparation of a list of persons responsible for crimes against workers, strike committees and independent trade unions, for entry restrictions and economic sanctions


Preparing lawsuits against those responsible for human rights violations in Belarus and putting them on the international wanted list