The topic of mass events in Belarus is constantly in the world newspapers. After the fraudulent presidential elections on August 9, 2020, the whole world watched the protest rallies and demonstations, which became the most massive in the entire history of independent Belarus. Now all attention is focused on mass migration on the border of Belarus and the EU.

In a series of our future articles, we would like to discuss the legal base, the foundation on which all mass events and rallies are based, as well as how this base has been changed and supplemented depending on the historical events taking place in Belarus. We will consider in a historical context the most interesting and important milestones on this path, reflect on the distinctive feature of mass events in Belarus and raise many other issues.

Before embarking on our journey, we would like to take an aside and agree with the argumentation that in a country where „it is not up to the laws“, is difficult to talk about any legislation or law. It is difficult to “play chess if you are hit on the head with a board”...

Our task is even more complicated due to the explosive mixture of the very notorious law-abiding Belarusians who do not cross the road at red lights even in the middle of the night, or who take off their shoes before getting on the bench and clean up the garbage after the chains of solidarity, and the arbitrariness of the authorities of the authoritarian regime. We are aware of the complexity of the task at hand. But we are sure that the more difficult the task, the more interesting it is to solve it.

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