eBelarus + eUnion

The implementation of the project "(eBelarus + eUnion): support for institutional reforms" is considered by the Fund as a measure to overcome victimization and reform the Belarus economy from rent to market-digital.

Purpose: Obtaining the status of a subject of international law

The team's motives: Hundreds of journalists, bloggers , and tens of thousands of participants in mass protests are subjected to torture and repression in Belarus. Given the denial of justice and the lack of an independent investigation within the country, we believe that the acquisition of eBelarus status as a subject of international law, and further recognition of the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court, the UN and the OSCE, will allow eBelarus citizens to apply to international institutions to protect their rights.

International cooperation


Act on Democracy and Human Rights and Sovereignty

  • Bringing Alyaksandr Lukashenka and his entourage to justice at the International Criminal Court in The Hague: the “Shlyakh da Haag " campaign” – https://bit.ly/339LkFi
  • Creation of registers of victims of crimes and abuses of power on the facts of involvement of obviously innocent persons and making obviously unjust decisions  – https://bit.ly/3nK5KNU

UN Security Council and eResidency

Representation of Belarus ' interests in the UN Security Council during its elected membership, as well as on the formation of eBelarus with the support of the Estonian e-Residency program. The Republic of Belarus is a "captured" state, where the implementation of its functions is carried out solely for the purpose of retaining the seized power in an unconstitutional way. This retention of power is implemented up to the commission of crimes against humanity. E-residency in eBelarus, which is provided for Belarusians living both at home and abroad, will allow Belarus to return to the system of international law and fulfill its obligations imposed on it within the framework of the UN and the OSCE.

  1. Latvia – within the framework of integration into the EU Single Digital Market, which it initiated during its EU presidency (first half of 2015);
  2. Lithuania-within the framework of the initiative to create a "single economic space" of the EU with partner countries (CES EU-EaP), including integration into the EU Single Digital Market;   
  3. Ukraine- on mutual compliance with the OSCE principles under the Budapest Memorandum;With other states within the framework of the EU Eastern Partnership Program, the eUnion program, and the commitments of the Republic of Belarus within the framework of the UN and OSCE.
Игорь Ледник

Ihar Lednik

Coordinator of the Civil Online Initiative " Europe without dictatorships!", Executive Secretary of the International Committee "For the Budapest Memorandum!"


Support eBelarus

The collected funds will be used to support and coordinate the campaigns with the involvement of domestic and foreign experts. With the start of the financing (eBelarus + eUnion), political consultations will begin with the eUnion member countries (EU countries, EU candidates and members of the European Free Trade Area-EFTA) and the guarantor countries of the United States and the United Kingdom.