Potemkin villages for Yara delegation


According to the telegram channel Belaruskali, its chatbot received an information that the complex was stopped for two days in order to restore order. The audit will take place according to the pre-arranged scenario. People in those places where Yara representatives will be taken to, have long been instructed on what to talk about and how. The working places themselves and the routes leading to them have been scrubbed clean, turned into good-looking and safe working condition.


The strike committee asked to include in the audit commission their own representative to insure the integrity. However, a person introduced to the Strike Committee at the request of the general director of „Belaruskali” Mr. Golovaty has been included in the commision, and who, according to the Strike Committee, has nothing to do with them.


In the beginning of autumn last year the position of the Strike Committee  was to establish a dialogue between the Strike Committee and the leadership of Belkali being facilitated by Yara. Unfortunately, the dialogue did not take place, the repressions not only continued, but also intensified, and the Strike Committee was forced to ask the director of Yara, Mr. Holsether, to reconsider its relations with Belaruskali and to terminate the contract. At the same time, the general director Mr. Golovaty, despite the regular accidents at the enterprise and dismissal of those going on strike, assured his partners of a favorable atmosphere at the enterprise.








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