We remember out shock caused by the news of Vitold Ashurko`s death in the Shklov penal colony on 21st of May this year. Until now, the relatives do not know why he died; they were not provided with any test results indicating the causes of death. A criminal case about his death has not yet been initiated. The official version about the heart failure is subject to great doubt, since, according to his wife, he had never had any heart problems before.

Vitold was an activist from Berezovka who was prosecuted in August 2020 for post-election events. The "judge" Maxim Filatov sentenced Ashurko to 5 years in prison.

You´ve sentenced him to five years. Sentence him to five more! Why to kill? To die alone among strangers, in such pain. There was no one next to him who would take pity on him, hugged him before his death. But what can you do? I think it was the will of God. He himself chose this path. I will cry to death, ”says Vitold's mother.


Vitold's friend Sergei Pantus from Berezovka says that they have known each other for more than twenty years.

He is a very principled person, he has a heightened sense of justice. And a wonderful friend who is ready to give up his last shirt, ”says Sergey about him.

After the “judge” Maksim Filatov has ordered to destroy Vitold`s BPF certificate, which he considered to be a proof of his crime, people gathered in the courtroom began to chant “Shame!” and "We believe, we can, we´ll win!" Vitold smiled at them from a glass cage and showed the sign of victory. The news of the years to be spent behind bars did not break him.

I have been in prison for three months now. And I listen to myself carefully - haven't I become less free in interiors with thick walls and an iron door with a "feeding trough"? Has the building of the former Jesuit college deprived me of my freedom of thought? My enemies took away from me the opportunity to see my family, my wife, friends, but they have no opportunity to put a policeman on my thoughts! I am still free to distinguish black from white and love my Fatherland Belarus! " - Vitold wrote in a letter to the newspaper Novy Chas.


And in a letter to the newspaper "Nasha Niva" Vitold said:


"The only thing I have encountered now are dreams. Of course, there have been dreams before. It's natural for a person to dream. But they were not so tender and piercing. In my dreams my mother, brother, wife, my nephews came to me ... It was painfully pleasant, caused pain, soothed - a whole palette of emotions. "


On May 17 (by this time, his relatives had not had contact with him for several days), the media published an excerpt from Ashurk's letter, in which he said that in the Shklov colony they began to sew yellow tags on the clothes of political prisoners.


„There is no shortage of political ones here. So there is no reason to be bored. Moreover, the administration issued an order to have yellow tags on the clothes, so the political ones can be seen from afar", the activist wrote, noting that "the experience of the Second World War will be very useful in our midst".


The news about the yellow stripes received a resonance far beyond the borders of Belarus.



Today, more than 800 political prisoners languish in the dungeons of the Lukashenka regime in inhuman conditions. We pray and believe that they will be released alive very soon!


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