The repressive machine in Belarus does not stop. Thousands of Belarusians are being held in prisons in inhuman conditions, 833 people have been officially recognized as political prisoners. To stay in power, Lukashenka is muzzling everybody.


Today we would like to remember Yuri Zakharenko, who was the first one to pay the highest price for his unwillingness to remain silent. According to Aleksandr Dobrovolsky, a member of the UCP Political Council, General Zakharenko was the last Minister of Internal Affairs who tried to keep respect for the uniform and the honor of the Officer.


In his interview, Yuri Zakharenko gave an amazingly deep characterization of Lukashenka:


“One of his endearing qualities is his sincerity in communication. This sincerity is now misleading people. Now, when I`ve found out who Alexander Grigorievich is, I realized that his appearance and internal essence are completely opposite concepts. The sincerity that is on the screen does not correspond to the inner content, this is a contradiction ... He is intoxicated with this power, he is intoxicated with the desire to take absolute power, and at the same time, I have come to the conviction that the methods and means are indiscriminate here ”.


We gave our explanation for this very correctly noted discrepancy between appearance and internal essence in an article with some interesting facts describing the psychopathic personality type. The ability to lie, "without blushing", allows him to create masterfully the image of a person "with ideals and values", interested in the well-being of others, appreciating his "team" and capable of making "tough" decisions, but exclusively for the "common good".

The relevance and prophetic vision in this interview is also striking:

"You must obey any orders of mine." I told him: "Alexander Grigorievich, I will not shoot people, I will not violate the Constitution". "If you do not obey any of my orders, you will be handcuffed." Is this intimidation? It is. This is the leadership style of the president. The weaker ones break, the stronger ones finish off. And an obedient state machine is being created, thoughtless, heel clicking. This is scary. THIS IS MORE SCARY THAN FASCISM ”.


We think that now no one has any doubts that this fearsome person will stop at nothing. And the roots of the current repressions in Belarus should be sought in the distant 1990s.




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