Legislative framework for repression

The second wave of coronavirus is declining. A wave of the same "psychosis” of which Lukashenko praised his system on the 2nd July to have defeated it in Belarus, but which did not allow independent observers to be present at the polling stations. Unfortunately, the wave of repression is not subsiding. To resolve the political crisis in the country which followed the falsification of the presidential election results and unprecedented violence, the Belarusian authorities decided to legalise the repression. They believe that the adopted package of laws will permanently destroy the protest.

On March 1, the updated Code of the Administrative Offenses (CAO) came into force. Among other things the amendments to the Administrative Code provide an increase of more than three times of the maximum fine, as well as an increase in the terms of administrative arrest for participation in an unauthorized mass events. Insulting officials and disobeding to the police are being punished now more severely. The information portal Tut.by is reporting as well that the liability for the use of prohibited symbols and the participation of children in rallies has been introduced.

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