On November 20 last year, the painter Roman Bondarenko who had been beaten to death was buried in Minsk. October 6 of this year - the programmer Andrei Zeltser was shot by the Alpha Group (unit of KGB). Less than a year between these funerals, but what a difficult year! How many people were sent to prisons and colonies, how many people were forced to flee their homes, how many crippled lives, how many deaths ... How many more victims will this bloody regime require? .. Andrei Zeltser, who is called the hero of Belarus by many of the activists, was buried on October 6. The body was brought to the cemetery directly from the morgue. All the ritual halls refused to provide a room for farewell.


Andrey's acquaintances speak only positively about him. His classmate thinks that it is absurd that Andrei could allegedly be associated with terrorist activities. “The state's logic now is that you are all terrorists a priori, we will come to everyone, and then we will figure it out. Andrei would never have killed anyone just to killing sake. But yes, he could fight back. Here it was unclear who impudently poured into his apartment, and Andrei would not have been Andrei, if he had not done what he did. He's done well and did the right thing. I would do exactly the same. "

Andrei could not put up with the ongoing violence in the country. In social networks he wrote about political events in the country, published photographs with a white-red-white flag. The 8th day of the struggle for a better future for our country. More than 7,000 people were detained, several were killed, law enforcement agencies kidnap people in broad daylight, the illegitimate president pretends that nothing is happening. Comrades Belarusians, how did your grandfathers win the war? Did they also have a fear of leaving the house? Were they also afraid to answer the Nazis? I think there was fear. But they somehow fought with their fear, otherwise we would now be walking under the fascist banners. What are you afraid of now?"- Andrey Zeltser wrote on August 17 last year on his Instagram.


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