Yesterday we wrote about Yuri Zakharenko, and would like to remember Gennady Karpenko, whose death came suddenly and under very suspicious circumstances a month before the disappearance of Yuri Zakharenko. Gennady Karpenko, who never complained about his health, suddenly felt unwell immediately after drinking a cup of coffee during a business conversation. Relatives and people closest to him are sure that the Belarusian authorities were involved in this death. A number of researchers call Karpenko's death an "elimination mission". Karpenko's widow Lyudmila has repeatedly stated: “I don’t believe that my husband died a natural death,” and she called Lukashenka’s words “a cynical lie”.


Death came a month before the alternative presidential elections, the supporters of which refused to recognize the changes in the Constitution imposed by Lukashenka, which meant the extension of his term in office. Gennady Karpenko, being the undisputed favorite of these elections and one of the initiators of Lukashenka's impeachment, posed a real threat to him.


Gennady Karpenko was a doctor of technical sciences, a corresponding member of the National Academy of Sciences, a laureate of the State Prize in the field of science and technology, the author of 40 inventions, a deputy of the Supreme Council of the 12th and 13th convocations.


Prior to this sudden, mysterious death, Lukashenko, in his typical manner, brought fantastic accusations against him, claiming that Karpenko had ties to the Uzbek mafia. We would like to recall that Yuri Zakharenko, who did not even have an ordinary dacha, Lukashenko accused of having mansions. Again, we have a classic confirmation of the true lust for power with attempts to emphasize own superiority and humiliate rivals.


Pavel Sheremet in his book "The Accidental President" wrote:

“Lukashenka more than once tried to attract Karpenko to his team, he sent messengers, offered various positions, up to the post of prime minister. Gennady Dmitrievich invariably refused. "Only one post is suitable for me - that of the president," he replied to numerous messengers. In this book, Sheremet quoted Karpenko as talking about Lukashenka’s leadership style: “Let's not pretend that we are playing chess with them if they hit us in the head with a board”. 


All means are good for Lukashenka`s fight against the opponents, and the roots of the present tragedy lie deep in the past.




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