A driver who was wounded by a grenade on Pushkinskaya on August 10, 2020 died yesterday


Pavel Sibilev worked as a bus driver. On August 10, 2020 he was wounded by a grenade near the Pushkinskaya metro station. According to the records of the incident, a grenade flew into the man's back from the side where the security forces were, who used flash bangs and rubber bullets. The medical documents indicated: a mine-explosive wound in the lumbar region, a gunshot fracture of the vertebrae, multiple injuries to the left shoulder, and a contusion of the kidneys.


"Why did they have to shoot? People are standing, clapping - let them stand up to two, until three in the morning! They would have stood and dispersed. Especially in the distance, up the avenue, where I was, there was a complete silence. Why did they have to shoot in this direction? " - said the driver.


In December 2020, Pavel Sibilev found out about the decision not to institute criminal proceedings on the fact of his injuries.


He died on October 10 at the age of 49. Pavel has three children left. The youngest son just went to his first grade this year.



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